A Magical Ride on the Magic Bus

Let the actual MAGIC BUS take you on a phantasmagorical two-hour trip through San Francisco.

We took a trip down Hippie Lane with friend Chris Hardman on the world renown Magic Bus. Where they virtually experienced a few of the moments and movements that made the 60s one of the most pivotal decades in recent human history.

The Magic Bus is an entirely one-of-a-kind experience. You may ride many tour buses in your life, but not one that transforms into a traveling movie theater, light show and rocket ship while showing you the San Francisco of yesterday and today.

Magic Bus is created and produced by the Bay Area’s award-winning Antenna Theater. Chris Hardman, founder, is known for his original theatrical experiments including the world-renowned, Alcatraz Cell House audio tour, which has been enjoyed by millions.

Throughout 2017, San Francisco is hosting a year-long celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love with cultural events, historical exhibitions, and a re-learning of the wisdom that proliferated the era. The Magic Bus can be your “transcendental transportation” to travel through the City of Love back to the ’60s.

Come to San Francisco, jump onboard, and let the Magic Bus take you on a phantasmagorical two-hour trip through San Francisco. You’ll be on a bubble-blowing, wildly painted bus that transforms into a theater filled with moving images, music, and psychedelic theatrics.

It brings people back to a time when we were that close to creating a utopian world.” – Chris Hardman

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