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Episode 11: Cannabis – August ’17

Pack up a bong hit, roll a joint, eat an edible – if you feel so inclined – as this episode of Now Share LOVE Radio is all about the miracle plant known as Cannabis, marijuana, hemp. And as crazy as it may sound to some of you, this one, much maligned and demonized plant may hold the key to the future of humanity, just as it has been an essential part of our evolution for the past fifty thousand years.


Episode 10: Music – July ’17

In this, the beginning of Summer installment of Now Share LOVE Radio, Kip and Evan could think of no better topic to delve into than music: after all summer is the season of outdoor concerts.

Episode 9: Our Elders – June ’17

In this episode focusing on our elders, Kip and Evan devote the final segment of this show as a tribute to one of the most brilliant men of our time, the legendary Jacque Fresco, co-founder of the Venus Project. Jacque, a man who could be described as this century’s Leonardo.

Episode 8: Culture – May ’17

In this NowShareLove Radio chat, Kip and Evan explore what culture is, and that no matter how different our cultural choices may seem to be, in truth, most share far more in common than in difference.

Episode 7: Food – Apr. ’17

Kip & Evan dig into the importance of food in our lives in this installment; asking us to stop and think about what we are eating, how we are eating it, and what it takes to produce and deliver our food to us.

Episode 6: Sharing – Mar. ’17

In this episode, Kip & Evan are all about sharing the importance of sharing. And sharing not just in the sense of sharing a thing with another, but also the sharing taking place in nature and the universe.

Episode 5: Ritual – Feb. ’17

Kip and Evan share not just their own experiences and understandings as it relates to ritual, but also thoughts on the subject from world renown authors and philosophers Michael Pollan and Joseph Campbell.

Episode 4: S.O.U.L. – Jan. ’17

This episode, dedicated to the Summer of Love, explores this transitional period in our history. Kip and Evan sit with author/historian Dennis McNally to walk us through this pivotal moment in space and time.

Episode 3: What Can I Do? – Dec. ’16

In this episode, Kip and Evan focus on one of S.O.U.L.’s fundamental questions, “What Can I Do?” with our friend Adam Hirschfelder – Director of Strategic Initiatives for the California Historical Society.

Episode. 2: Introducing Ourselves – Nov. ’16

In Ep. 2, Kip and Evan share their personal journeys of how they became conduits for the LOVE message. Find out how they came to combine their energies to manifest S.O.U.L. and embark upon this journey.

Episode 1: Broadcast Debut – Oct. ’16

The show takes first flight with some special guests: Harold W. Becker and John Goltz of The Love Foundation; station-mate Dr. Jamie Turndorf, a.k.a.  “Ask Dr. Love”; and Jennifer Hillman of Abstract Illusions.