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Tune into 1510AM WMEX in the greater Boston area (or on their website) to hear us live at 7pm every 4th Sunday.

Part 1 – Jennifer Hillman

Special guest Jennifer Hillman shares with S.O.U.L. On Air her gifts as a channeler and astrologist; giving us hope that LOVE is prevailing over fear and the future is much brighter than it sometimes appears.

Part 2 – Love Foundation

Harold Becker and John Goltz bring their LOVE filled vision for humanity to S.O.U.L. On Air. Asking us to join with them and The LOVE Foundation, to make everyday a Global LOVE Day…

Part 3 – Dr. Jamie Turndorf

Dr. Jamie Turndorf shares with the S.O.U.L. On Air audience that we need not be afraid of the unknown, death. Because she knows from personal experience that not only does our love never die, but neither do we...

S.O.U.L. On Air – Ep. 4

Rock historian and author Dennis McNally reveals some key transitional factors that helped to evolve the Summer of Love.

S.O.U.L. On Air – Ep. 3

Adam Hirschfelder of California Historical Society shares plans for the Summer of Love 50th Anniversary throughout California.

S.O.U.L. On Air – Ep. 2

Show hosts Evan Hirsch & Kip Baldwin share the life experiences that led them to be passionate advocates or all things LOVE.

S.O.U.L. On Air – Ep. 1

S.O.U.L. On Air Radio debuts with special guests: The Love Foundation, Dr. Jamie Turndorf (Ask Dr. Love), & Jennifer Hillman.