Learning the secrets of the heart

NSL visits the founders of the HeartMath Institute, who share the wisdom of their decades of research.

We packed our bags and headed toward the town of Boulder Creek, Ca – hidden in the vast wilderness of the Santa Cruz Mountains – in search of the fabled HeartMath Institute and its legendary founders. These are the visionary heart field researchers who have scientifically proven that it is the heart that makes the brain tick and not the other way around.

The mission of the HeartMath Institute is to help people bring their physical, mental and emotional systems into balanced alignment with their heart’s intuitive guidance. This unfolds the path for becoming heart-empowered individuals who choose the way of Love, demonstrated through compassionate care for the wellbeing of themselves, others and Planet Earth.

Here are just a few of the tangible benefits that people have received using the methodologies at the HeartMath Institute.

  • Children have learned about emotions and self-regulating their behavior, resulting in significant improvement in the ability to learn and communicate.
  • Veterans are better able to manage PTSD and reconnect with their families.
  • College students are able to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Thousands of police offices are using HeartMath programs to help increase intuitive sensitivity, clear thinking under stress and to ease the tension that comes with their job.
  • HeartMath research is developing new techniques and technology for increasing social connections and facilitating harmonious interactions among groups, families, teens and communities.
  • HeartMath professional trainers are working with Syrian refugees in Lebanon, and children in South Korean and Mexican orphanages.

We left the HeartMath Institute inspired by their transformational work accelerating our collective shift into the Love Paradigm. They’ve taught us that the fundamental component in coming from a Love source is to live from our heart center.

Watch our interview videos from the visit, and be inspired by the wisdom shared by these scientific experts.

Defining the Love Paradigm

Director of Research Rollin McCraty offers his own interpretation of what The Love Paradigm means, and what life could potentially look like if we made that fundamental shift in consciousness leading us to a more cooperative and peaceful world of individual and collective success in thriving.

He proposes that LOVE may very well be the “organizing intelligence of the Universe”, and that the love “domain” or “spectrum” also takes many forms (brotherly love, romantic love, love for a child or close friend, etc.). Could he be right that if we live in closer alignment between the heart and mind we would make decisions that are good for ”the whole”, and that most of our social and environmental problems would simply be gone? Wouldn’t that at least be worth a shot anyway? If this shift in consciousness is what’s required, what will it take for us to accomplish it?

Calming the War Within

HeartMath Institute experts Brian Kabaker and Rollin McCraty share some insights into how tools and techniques they’ve developed over years of research is at play out in the “real world”. These guiding principles and effective tactics can help us better self regulate our emotions, especially in the heat of “battle” of one kind or another. In as far reaching places as Syria, and of course here in the United States, everyone from refugees to military and first responder personnel are employing the effective methods of shaking off emotionally impactful experiences in order to face the new moment with a renewed calm. Brian refers to law enforcement officers, firefighters, and paramedics as “care givers of an extraordinary type”.

The work being done at HeartMath Institute on understanding the body and how it works has helped develop methods that are making a real impact on the lives of  people who use it, as well as those with whom they interact in the line of duty or just the course of their day.

Coherence Is Everything

In this truly enlightening interview, Rollin McCraty helps us better understand what coherence is, beginning with what it is at the most basic level; an aligning of the intelligence of the heart and mind. What we discovered as we delved more deeply into coherence, is that it extends far beyond a means for us to maintain a greater balance in our personal emotional state, but can also reverberate into our relationships with one another, and – much to even Heartmath’s surprise – our relationship to the Earth itself. The three levels of coherence are: personal coherence (self regulation), social coherence (getting along with others), and global coherence (our planet-wide relationship with all that is).

By using magnetometers (magnetic field measuring devices) placed in as far flung parts of globe as Lithuania and Saudi Arabia (as well as of course on their own property in northern California), the researchers at Heartmath are finding that the magnetic energy field that our bodies emanate not only connects us to one another, but is the same field being generated by the planet, connecting us all.

Along with these truly consciousness-shifting scientific findings, Rollin gave us some practical takeaways that can be utilized in our (too often overwhelming) personal lives, helping to fill us with more peace, joy, love, and compassion for each other. One of the easiest and most powerful takeaways to employ is heart focused breathing; meaning to imagine your breath being drawn in (energetically) through your heart and flowing up to the brain from there. In this scenario, as Rollin playfully shared, “The brain is the big winner.” The goal of this branch of their work is to lead humanity towards an existence in which our natural first instinct is to be kind, compassionate,  and collaborative.

Katherine Floriano

Katherine Floriano, Vice President of Advancement of Major and Planned Gifts, has been alongside Dr. Childress since he first dreamt the Heartmath Institute into being in the late 80’s. As one of the founding members, she is in the perfect position to share how this unique non-profit organization evolved.

After a friend set up an initial meeting with Doc, and she learned the mere concept he had in mind, Katherine new she was “in”. Although his HeartMath Institute was in the most preliminary stages of being imagined into being, what truly resonated with her was Doc’s vision for heart-based living. She was initially tasked with finding the perfect location for the institute, and – as if by conscious design – found their breathtaking homebase nestled in the heart of the Santa Cruz Mountains, where they still seek to realize the full potential of Doc’s dream today. From choosing the property to developing the land, setting up the whole operation, and – perhaps most importantly – keeping it funded all these decades, Katherine has been a key player from day zero.

Visit the HeartMath Institute website for more information! 

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