The afterglow of “Evolving Out Loud”

Kyle Cease presented his light-hearted transformational event at the Alex theater, and Now Share Love was there.

We recently took part in comedian-turned-life-coach Kyle Cease’s “Evolving Out Loud” gathering, hoping to connect with other like minded souls looking for some enlightenment and a fresh perspective on life.  And that is exactly what we found. The weekend with Kyle was filled with heart touching connections, reminding us that it is never about the guru or taking ownership of the message, but about being conduits for touching others in a way that moves both the messenger and the recipient to higher levels of conscious awakening.

Traditional media often interviews the featured speaker of an event like Kyle’s, having them share their journey of how they came to be who they are and what defines their philosophies. But we thought a unique inspiration would be to experience how the event impacted the attendees. So was Kyle’s audience moved? Following the “Evolving Out Loud” weekend, we found one beautiful spirit after another overflowing with enthusiastic joy.

One of the most powerful moments of the weekend came in a discussion following a group meditation. After leading the entire audience through a visualization of their future selves at age 100, Kyle asked, “How many people saw themselves living in a mansion?”. To our heart-warming surprise, only two out of the 1,400 raised their hands. The other 1,398 hand shots up in agreement when asked if they saw themselves living in house of less than 2 bedrooms, perhaps in the forest, certainly surrounded by family and friends, maybe even in teepees or yurts. And as the old Wall Street adage “greed is good” becomes less and less the “heart-set” of today, we are clearly seeing there is a shift in consciousness underway. And it is at events like Kyle’s that we are witnessing more and more evidence of a Love Paradigm emerging.

We invite you to explore Kyle’s work on his YouTube Channel

And you can sign up to attend his next “Evolving Out Loud” event on his site

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