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We are building a family of global love pioneers as we unite members of the movement. Please visit, support, and learn from some of our favorite individuals and organizations who are spreading love through useful ideas and solutions to help all life on Earth thrive.


We are building a family of global love pioneers as we unite members of the movement. Please visit, support, and learn from some of our favorite individuals and organizations who are spreading love through useful ideas and solutions to help all life on Earth thrive.

Spearheading the organization of so many events celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, and focusing our attention on the cultural breakthroughs made that shaped our contemporary lives.

Promoting San Francisco as a destination to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, and a resource for planning a visit to SF. They also host a comprehensive site for Summer of Love year.

Educating the public about the nutritional and economic benefits of buying locally grown food directly from the farmers, hosting farmer’s markets around the Bay Area, and building strong communities.

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Expanding James Brown’s musical and charitable giving legacy by assisting impoverished children and families through their initiatives and projects; all centered around music, education and community.

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Empowering and educating people to play the music they love; for the love of music – not for profit. Anything that brings more music, more joy, and more love into the world sounds like a good idea too.

Join in a peaceful revolution to honor Indigenous sovereignty and to protect the land and water. We and our Earth can no longer afford to be economic hostages in the race to industrialize the planet.

Researching and developing reliable, scientifically based tools since 1991, they help people bridge the connection between their hearts and minds, and deepen their connection with the hearts of others.

Connecting age old Indigenous wisdom from the Ecuador with modern thinking; offering people the chance to learn, connect, and travel for the purpose of creating a sustainable world that nurtures life.

A holistic animal sanctuary, hospice, rescue, and education center; giving refuge, love, and comfort to discarded pets in the last stages of life for almost three decades. These creatures need love too!

Empowering communities through collaboration, providing equal visibility to all nonprofits in the district no matter what size they are or what they do, as long as they are beneficial to the community.

Envisioning a world where all people hold the power to create opportunity for themselves and others, they help to alleviate poverty and connect people by facilitating no interest small business loans.

rowing hemp heals the planet by capturing carbon, producing oxygen, and releasing terpenes that heal the atmosphere. Industrial applications require abundant cultivation, and make excellent substrate.

Providing, in perpetuity, a place of remembrance so that the lives of people who died from AIDS are not forgotten and so this story of human tragedy is empathetically remembered by future generations.

Author, counselor, and radio personality who is connecting souls on earth with those of lost loved ones by sharing her personal story of losing her husband and reconnecting with him on the other side.

Supporting individual and collective transformation through consciousness research, transformative learning, and engaging a global community in the realization of our unlimited human potential at last.

A Lebanese-born, independent artist, global human rights activist, singer, music composer, creative thinker, motivational speaker, & inspirational world traveler, spreading his message of peace & love.

Dedicated to raising awareness about the environmental & economic benefits of restoring industrial hemp in America, because hemp used to its full potential can truly reshape the face of life on Earth.

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Author, educator, counselor, intuitive life coach, & psychic adviser, her multiple gifts teach an international clientele to recognize their habitual patterns to help them reach their goals & dreams.

Helping inspire people to build a practical foundation and develop a deeper understanding of unconditional love within themselves and our society as a whole, through education, research, and charity.

Empowering women to be the next generation of cannabis industry leaders, by creating programs and community events that promote networking & the development of feminine-driven business collaborations.

This visionary futurist teaches Conscious Evolution, or “evolution by choice, not chance”. She has written many books offering solutions for a harmonious society that uses technology to benefit us all.

In Cannabis Vs. Climate Change, this Cannabis scholar, grower, and author professes that the best solution for full utilization & benefit is to transition from the concept of “illegal” to “essential”.

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Author of Do You Quantum Think and Creator of QuantumThink. Her twenty-one principles provide an evolutionary leap in consciousness and an entirely new framework for thinking and effectiveness in life.

This author, speaker, intuitive, personal and professional coach gives practical applications for using love in our day to day lives by presenting an ongoing dialogue between us and the energy realm.

“May Peace Prevail On Earth” is a grassroots, pacifist movement inspiring & re-awakening the inherent consciousness of love, peace, and harmony in each of us by planting peace poles all over the world.

Uniting humankind with universal LOVE, by broadcasting – on both old fashioned AM radio and the internet – voices who share with us their insightful wisdom about how we can embrace a more loving life.

Known as a modern day mystical Mr. Rogers and Dr. Seuss, Karen Palmer is a master at manifesting, and uses technology for the greater good by helping to co-create kindness and peace on Earth for all.

Creating a series of documentary short films to give a platform for marginalized international communities to tell their stories, concentrating on solutions being implemented in the face of adversity.

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Pioneering cannabis healer, using his legendary marijuana oil extraction process to make a concentrated medicine credited with curing thousands of various cancer patients over the course of many years.

Site for the historic, free happening in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love planned for Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, in 2017. Permits are in limbo, but the show must go on.

Awakening the heart of humanity, and manifesting the full potential of the human spirit to co-create a world full of unity, Love, and peace with one’s self, their family, community, and all the earth.

A group of scientists, environmental organizations, and citizens who share concerns over the decline in soil health, and believe that restructuring land management practices is the key to restoration.

Volunteer-run organization encouraging everyday people around the world to do small acts of service. They run a daily positive news service, an acts-of-kindness portal, and a gift-economy restaurant.

Helping good people find good causes for inspiration, and bringing them together with those nonprofits who need their help. A community that is connecting people who want to change the world together.

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To help people express and enjoy more love in their lives, create a more loving world, and usher in a new Golden Age, they offer a free, 48-video, three-hour, online course called “Learn to Love More”.

Through their wide network, they directly work with over 16,000 volunteers each year, resulting in more than 55,000 hours of service to more than 240 schools, parks, and nonprofits across the Bay Area.

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Helping audiences “Evolve Out Loud” with his unique blend of comedy and transformative insights, he holds live events, posts online videos, and has now authored a book called “I Hope I Screw this Up”.

Enabling San Francisco Bay Area LGBT seniors to overcome the unique challenges they face as they age by providing housing, direct services, and community programs for supporting and building community.

International spiritual movement whose purpose is to communicate & demonstrate the timeless truth that “We Are All One, with the Divine & all life, so that people's actions reflect this understanding.

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One of the leading providers of social media strategy, consultation and training on the web, Ana Novak was also responsible for giving S.O.U.L. foundational direction for their social media campaign.

Award winning, custom, 2D animation studio creating artist-driven commercials, motion comics, & short films. Their animation work is featured throughout S.O.U.L.’s short film “An Invitation to Action”.

A collective of marketing specialists who build intuitive user environments focused on authenticity and integrity. We create a relationship with your customers and establish two-way dialog.